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Hi I am Saurabh Jain from Pink City Jaipur and its great pleasure to see you surfing my home page. Now you can also connect with me using linkedin or facebook or read below to know about me

Know About Saurabh

Saurabh Jain is an mechanical engineer and management graduate. He looks forward to be a business consultant for stakeholder engagement models and to promote entrepreneurship thoughts among young professionals.

As a part of providing the forum to mechanical engineers, Mr. Jain has taken successful initiative of mechanical engineering community portal where he dreams of connecting mechanical engineers for creating the bridge between academics and industries. The forum has 26 thousand registered mechanical engineers Last year in 2012 the Mechanical Engineering has been extended for knowledge engineering social network. Mr Jain has given the name "Engineering wall" to his new initiative

After graduating as mechanical engineer, Mr. Jain has worked for two companies and given services in operations , energy modeling and also was the part of project "University of California : Strategic Energy plan 2020".

Currently Mr. Jain is preparing for ERP/Actuary exams. and is working in a enterprise risk management domain. Previously he worked for business research domain where he has giving services to clients for business intelligence solutions

"Management wall" an open innovative project to Reinventing the technology of human accomplishment which has been the recent add on by Mr Jain where he look not only to help people improve their organizations by fostering open discussions on all organizational problems but also help individuals to upskill themselves as a self management practice.

Besides looking to establish back in corporate world, Mr. Jain gives due consideration on social life,with emphasis on ethics, values. he always believe that living the life in beautiful way is utmost important part of life. Entertainment, fashion, Strong foundation and emotions are the basic necessities one should look to build upon.

For the same . Mr Jain administers the community portal "Positive Zeal (previously known as Spicy Flavours)" which work with passion to deliver complete entertaining solutions.This Oct 2012 was the month, Spicy Flavours completed nine years of its online existence ..

Other then emotional "Heartrending Lines" , Amazing files is the section where Mr Jain has opened his personal collection of powerpoint presentation for entire world. It has been said " This collection is sure to energize your nerves, brighten up your face with a smile, lighten up your confused mind and let u ponder and think upon the subtleties and intricacies of the enigma called life."

Mr. Jain love making friends and interacting with them.Though Mr Jain mostly live his life within himself , but he understands the beauty of the friendship which give you enthusiasm to live this life...

" He is a good listener and has attributes of being good consultant" This is the common remark given to him by few of his friends.

Mr. Jain always says to himself " Girls looks so beautiful and gorgeous when they smile" the colorful dresses are always the center of attraction for him..... Wow !!

Making Girl friend is not the cup of tea for Mr. Jain. He wonders of getting chance chance to go for movie or would love to on dance floor with his female friend.

His mom says to him to start searching for the dream gal, but he is just busy in his own life. But today he is giving due consideration to his mom request and is in search of his dream partner...

Struggle is the part of life.. which every one has to face. and same is the case with Mr. Jain as he look forward to get better opportunities for his bread and butter.

Mr. Jain appreciates your visit on his page and would love to hear your thoughts to answer your questions

Your welcome to interact with Mr Jain on your common Interests.

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And you know what, the first person to see this page is Miss Niharika Singh from Mumbai

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